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Facebook Activity

  • Burleigh flow? Low? I'll fight traffic anyway but I'm curious.
    • low
    • Well boat needs some sanding I guess
    • Poor bastards. The Irvine and gorge are in flood. Looking like a great gkc paddle tonight.
    • Too late I've already been branded.
  • At cottage on Ottawa River all week. Want to paddle this week. Monday to Friday come on up great level. Text 705 872 8797 if you are coming
    • Brent and I will be up by 1:30 on Monday afternoon. I will text that morning when we leave. Thanks for the invite.
    • Just got back from Gatfest, how do I convince Diane to let me turnaround a go to the Ottawa this week. If you don't hear from me, assume something horribly wrong has happen to me. Have fun Cale and friends and thanks for the open invite.
  • A KWP browsing the waters to the west. Great day!
  • I will be at middle mad from Monday to Saturday, contact me if u want to run this river
  • Let's get the conversation going....who is going? Carpooling? Some general tips and tricks for the first timers?
    • Going. Pooling with Tony and Colleen Mycroft. Have no idea about what to expect. Very excited.
    • Going. Can give rides there Friday. May try to duck out early from work. Can give rides home to Beachburg.....
    • Going, leaving on Thursday from Mississauga. I have room for a a few people with gear. Seamus I will join you on Friday.
    • Playboats are totally fine for the Gat.
    • Je suis inscrit! Pooling with Weekend Tom. Seamus can you sign us up for bridge drop too please???
    • Leah and I are heading up Thursday night so we will be paddling Friday too...
    • I won't be able to make it till the evening (5ish) if anyone will be doing a run I'd love to join but I won't be able to do the earlier run.
    • What is the camping like? Can I bring a stove to make coffee, hot breakfast, etc? And parking close or no? Thanks!
    • Coffee & hot breakfast are included. You can park right beside your tent. Washrooms and showers in the high school.
    • I'm stuck working......someone post some video to get me through the weekend
  • Arrived at Maniwaki at 12:30. Everyone is already asleep. I don't think the kwp parties that hard anymore. Cale Reeder what happened?
    • There will of course have to be an answer to this vile comment. :)
    • Oh you wait Kevin - I will be there soon enough. ....
    • Keeping energy for the real nights!
  • Labour Day Minden goers....any interest in a ride at Sir Sams Sunday? Lifts run from 10 to 3 and bike rentals are available. It looks like you can get 2 hrs bike rental with lift and trail pass for $25 from 1 to 3. My plan is to head there at some point sunday. Let me know if you plan to join!
    • Monday?
    • Sorry Joleen - have to head home Monday to get ready for school....
  • - methane burps!
  • KWP GEAR ORDER PLACED. No more orders will be accepted at this time. Gear will be available at the BBQ on September 10th. We are offering: 1. T-shirt -royal blue. Superman logo. Tech Style OR Cotton (soft style). Women's (v-neck), men's, and youth sizing. Price $20 Mens: Womens: 2. Hooded sweatshirt. We have decided to go with a better quality, higher end hoodie. It will also be a 'tech' style so it is wicking. Polyester opposed to cotton. Unisex, women's, and youth sizes available. KWP large sewn on letters OR Superman KWP logo. Your choice of colours. $65 Unisex: Youth: Women's: For shirts or hoodies you can get your name on the sleeve for an additional $5. Any questions pm me.
    • Woman's XL tshirt, cotton, Stephanie on sleeve. Youth raspberry, small, Lexi on sleeve. Adult superman hoodie, large. Stephanie on sleeve
    • Wayne wants 1 large adult red KWP hoodie with Wayne on sleeve. Thx!
    • Definitely want a hoodie. KWP letters XL. Forest green. Probably my name on the sleeve.-Eric
    • Wayne and Eric note the price will be $65. Sorry for the change.
    • No problem. KWP logo please
    • Ok after much trying on, I would like a women's S. Red. Colleen on the sleeve. KWP logo of course.
    • One youth xs sweater in black, Colton on the sleeve. One ladies large sweater in black, Libby on the sleeve. One xl men's sweater in green with Matt on the sleeve. KWP lettering on them.
    • KWP Hoodies: Men's xl navy blue, Marc on sleeve Women's large red, Diane on sleeve Youths large royal blue, Rachel on sleeve
    • Medium hoodie, true navy, KWP letters.
    • I will have md, l, and XL sweatshirts for sizing at fun run Tuesday!
    • We have added a women's cut for the sweatshirt as of today.
    • 1Men's large tshirt cotton, Wayne on sleeve
    • 1 Women's small tshirt cotton Leah on sleeve
    • I was expecting some more orders. ...all I hear about us how everyone wanted gear. Pass the word around please if you know if anyone interested that may not check FB regularly. Jason Prno Travis Walsh I think you were both keen, no?
    • extra large hoodie, blue, kwp lettering, no name...please
    • Women's small tshirt, tech style, Elly on sleeve please:)
    • And also a men's large tshirt, tech style, Travis on sleeve
    • Get your orders in ASAP please!!
    • Men's small hoodie for me please. KWP letters only.
    • Done on the website. Good?
    • New deadline - Monday midnight.......
    • Did we get enough to place an order?
    • Thank you Stephanie!
    • Hey All, thanks for the orders. The quoted prices hold. All hoodies are $65 or $70 if you asked for your name. All shirts are $20 or $25 with your name. Money will be collected when you receive your gear. The plan is the gear will be available as of September 10 (at the BBQ). If you aren't going to be at the BBQ let me know and we will make arrangements....only cash and e-transfers will be accepted.
  • New posts on KWP website about upcoming paddling, including Last Fun Run, Beaver Fest, Gull River, KWP BBQ, Gaulry Fest. Check it out.
    • Can I get a password so I can get on? Thanks
    • need to email Brett
  • Burleigh flow? Low? I'll fight traffic anyway but I'm curious.
  • Just a friendly reminder, anyone needing a ride to GatFest, I'm leaving on Thursday morning from Mississauga and returning Sunday.
  • Colleen Mycroft, this actually exists.
    • I would be dead!
    • And I read that you can mount it on the front of your kayak
    • A whole new spin on burning box.
  • Hi Kawartha paddlers! I am looking for a ride to the Gatfest this weekend, is there anyone who may be able to help me out? I live in Guelph (southwest). I can pay for gas and I would be very grateful. :) I prefer to leave on Friday, Thursday is a bit too early for me.
    • Please, anyone? :)
    • Guelph is the opposite way when travelling to Gatfest...from our a few hours. You might have better luck posting on the GKC site/page
  • Hi all. I will be at Gatfest with two demo Braaaps and two Werner paddles (Odachi and stikine). If anybody wants to demo some gear PM me!
  • Hey everyone, I've been trying to source Shred Ready full face helmets for a couple friends with little success! I'm in talks with Chris at AO Boatwerks about bringing in an order! It's possible more interest could reflect the price! Adventure Outfitters in Lakefield can no longer get them, same goes for MEC! I can't seem to find retailers in Ontario! If your interested in one just post here and I will continue talks with AO!
    • Interested
    • What's wrong with this province? Seems that a lot of gear including boats we have to cross boarders to get.
    • Interested
    • Link to the page!
    • Interested
    • I do need a full face. As long as the price is decent.
    • Interested price dependent!
    • Hey Kees van den Heuvel, have you tried ottawa paddle shack?
    • Any news on this?
    • Jari is interested. I may be.
    • Interested as well for all those runs upside-down I tend to do.
    • Did you talk to John at Wild Rock
    • Jari has a post on the website. Boatwerks has 8 at $199. If we put a bulk order in there will be a discount. How much I don't know. As far as I know jari and I will take one each. That leaves six if there's still 8 at boatwerks.
    • Jari is now out. He had a better offer😊
    • Is this option still available, I need two helmets?
    • Boatwerks in minden has a couple left. I don't think they all got picked up on the weekend.
    • Hi all, We still have some of these helmets left, so let me know if you want them, or just come by the shop in Minden. Also feel free to let me know what else you want. I am starting my 2017 purchasing and want to hear from the paddling community about what they are interested in. 705-286-1492
  • Gear orders are due. We have been given an extension by Ricarts as we don't have many orders yet. If we don't get minimums we can't order. If you haven't ordered and want to, get on it. If you see anyone in the club over the next 3 days pls mention/bring up the gear - even if you aren't getting gear. Some ppl don't check Facebook or website too often and we have only given a little over a week to make a decision. Every event I hear how everyone wants new gear, better hoodies.....well we are offering that now. Pls pass the word. If anyone has any questions don't hesitate to ask me!
  • I'm going to the Ottawa this weekend. Colleen is doing a chicks' kayak session so I'll be paddling on my own. Anyone interested in going?
    • Already there and waiting for friends!
    • Hope river run has the WiFi working so you can watch the hip!
    • Tony I would love to join you if your ok with someone of my (low) skill level.
    • Interested but it's a bit of a commute ;-)
    • I may be around Saturday
    • I might be convinced to come paddle!
    • Chick?
    • Wear a tutu for a skirt tony, sneak in and get on the water with them , Would be an awesome photobomb lol
    • We are taking a morning paddling break. We will be on the river around 2 or 3 in the afternoon.
  • Heading to River Run this afternoon from Mississauga with Thor and my Travel Trailer. Just me and the dog so plenty of room for anyone interested in paddling the Ottawa. Respond here if interested.
    • I'll be there tomorrow afternoon sometime.
    • So jealous, have a good time!
    • I might take you up on that offer for tomorrow night at least. I'll let you know later tonight
    • We r here. See you soon.
    • Comments
    • Coming soon to a Whitewater Brewery bottle. . .
    • A spready to the white water gods
    • I hope it rains.
  • Anyone have a Jackson Fun Runner 70 that they would be willing to sell?
  • Looking to outfit a 13 year old girl, 5'2" 80 lbs. with a JK 2Fun or Rockstar XS. We also need squirt, helmet, paddle, pfd.
    • I have a small Jackson Rockstar that would fit her well.
  • Hey guys and gals just found out about you guys on here and am looking to get more into white water kayaking I was wondering if I could get some more info on the sept long weekend event at gull river I want to get in to a smaller kayak than what I have right now 89 Paluski spirit and was running burleigh falls on Sunday and had a blast
    • Long weekend hasn't been planned yet but watch the posting carefully.
    • Watch your skull. Burleigh falls has a nasty bite when upside down.
    • I realized I wasn't wearing a helmet it was in my truck I put it on after the pics were taken
    • Ok and thanks
    • Keep the long boat. It will come in handy when paddling our drop and pool rivers in Ontario, there's a lot of flat between the drops.
    • I have 2 long boats my red one see. Above and a yellow one similar to it long and a pelican 100 sit on top for the family to use as well
    • My wife myself Patti Johnson Bruce and Doug Madill will be camping and kayaking at the Gull the long weekend, I will bring some extra gear for you Doug said he will as well so will Patti Johnson
    • Come to fun run if you can. Lots of great people who will give constructive advice.
    • I would love to we will see what the work schedule will allow how late does it usually go
    • you can stay as long as you can Usually Friday night to holiday Monday afternoon.
    • What's the cost approx
    • fun run usually stop paddling about 8pm
    • Are we talking about the Gull or Fun Run?
    • Maybe both
    • info on the gull camping
    • Fun Run is Tuesday this week. 530/6 to darkish. Dinner to follow $5
    • Club membership is $40. It includes $20 whitewater Ontario membership. The whitewater Ontario membership provides coverage if you should injure yourself while paddling. The membership goes from November to November.
    • Is there any training or course I need all I have ever done in just run a river my self and in the granny race in port hope in the spring and how would I go about paying for the club member ship
    • Sorry to be so full of questions
    • Jonathan if you are going to the Gull on the long weekend let us know so we can bring some equipment for you, and I can give you a few pointers.
    • At this point it looks like I will be coming just need to figure out logistics on my end I will let you know as soon as I know I may be only able to make it for Sunday and or Monday
    • Thanks for all the help and advice I appreciate it
    • Monday I will be heading home early morning
    • Ok I will keep that in mind
  • How is Burleigh right now?